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I am Sandip Sarkar from a small district town, Alipurduar of West Bengal, India. I teach English Language & Literature in a Govt. school. “Always share your knowledge, because every knowledge is important in this universe”- is my principle & the line is also mine.

When I started Blogging, I knew nothing about how to start and what to execute. But gradually I have gathered knowledge about the norms, specifics, attitudes & various odds of this digital universe. I am still learning and walking on the path of solving issues to become a successful blogger in this digital universe. And through this website I am sharing with all of you, my dear readers whatever I am learning and whatever is turning out to be helpful for me with proper solution.

What we do:

I will deliver you with valuable web-tech information to rock in the digital universe.

I do face hindrances but never stop trying to crack the unknown. And I am getting richer and richer with experiences of working out solution for the problems, which I did not know because of lack of knowledge. I have learnt so far that little changes with proper knowledge may make you an expert in this digital universe. Here, in this website I am sharing with you all the handy information in the sphere of Web-Tech-Information in this digital universe. And all these information will for sure make the road easier with valuable first hand experiences of overcoming hindrances.

In this website you will find valuable first hand recent tips related to various web services & tools like Google search console, Google adsense, Site-kit, various plug-ins for your website, Techniques to usher in traffic, tips for staying ahead in Quora, different web-tech tips and so on.

And I also faced hindrances to become a blogger. I also didn’t know anything about how to build a website, what is Google Search Console, what is Sitemap, how to try to get adsense approval and so on. Even I had no idea about how to use different social media platforms to usher in traffic to my site. Gradually, I am learning them while working. Everything I have shared with you my dear readers here are my first-hand own raw experiences. Even this website has also been built by me.

All the hindrances and rejections that I have faced have made me stronger & determined to make the road easier for my readers by sharing my knowledge.

I do think that my experience will be of great help for so many. Hence I have started writing for my readers – or what could I have done, after all a teacher can never rest from teaching.

For your issues, you may write to me in the comment box of each article- or you may even whatsapp me on-+919647746190 – or you may connect with me even on Facebook. I am very sincere in terms of reading each & every comment. My readers matter a lot for me. After all sharing knowledge is my moto.

And it’s really been a matter of great pleasure for me to be able to share my ideas with my readers and I will keep on doing that till my last breath because the sensation I feel after providing solution to the problems faced by my readers takes me to another world of bliss and it creates an irresistible passionate kind of feeling in me to work & work for my readers.

Thank You,