how to add a category on wordpress

Let’s plunge into the depth of categories:

It is really very very easy to understand how to add a category on wordpress. It is very necessary to categorize all your posts for better performance and user experience. And it will infest your website with better navigation also. And all you have to do is just to follow the instruction as given.

I have already made posts on various SEO-information like how to create a menu in wordpress, how to change author in wordpress, how to change server location, and so on. If you have not read them yet, do read them from these links because this will enrich your SEO-information.

Here in this blog post, I will show you the simple steps to creating dropdown categories in wordpress.

Unravelling the steps to categorization in WordPress:

  • Log-in to your hosting server and to your wordpress dashboard first.
  • Go to the posts section.
  • Click on categories.
  • Click on ‘add new category’.
  • write the category name, slug and description of your category page in the spaces provided.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘add new category’

And you are all done. Now let’s take you to my wordpress dashboard to make you understand the entire process practically through screenshots.

Decoding the steps through screenshots:

how to add a category on wordpress

I have logged-in to my server platform Hostinger. Here 5 websites are registered and of these five websites, I will create a new category page in’ website to show you how to

add a category on wordpress. Now I will click on ‘admin panel’ to log in to my wordpress dashboard.

Now click on first ‘posts’ and then on the ‘categories’ to move forward the process.

how to add a category on wordpress
how to add a category on wordpress

Read the details as shown in the screenshot and follow them accordingly to smoothly create a new category page for your website.

Write the name of your category, write the slug which will be used in the url of this category page and then write a brief description about your category. Lastly click on ‘Add new category’.

how to add a category on wordpress

The smaller your slug is, the shorter will be the url and shortened url signifies better SEO performance. And the focused key-word should have to be included in the slug. Hence, I have simply added ‘-‘ between the words in the url of the category page. You may also follow this. This is a free pro-tip.

how to add a category on wordpress

Now to change the color of the description, to rectify any kind of error and to add more features to the description of the category, you will need to edit the concerned page.

There was a spelling mistake in the name of the web-page and I have edited this. In the next screenshot, I will show how to add color and more in the description box of the webpage.

how to add a category on wordpress
how to add a category on wordpress

Read the instruction carefully. It is really that simple to add a new category page.

See that the description color has changed. Simply just follow the instruction letting all your worries regarding this.

how to add a category on wordpress
how to add a category on wordpress

Now click on ‘update’ and you are all done.

See that the category page has been created.

how to add a category on wordpress
how to add a category on wordpress

Now onwards categorize all your posts. So, all you will have to do is just follow these steps.

You should also add default category from settings to automatically categorize posts under that default category if you forget to your new post.

First return back to your wordpress dashboard. Then go to ‘writing’ option in the settings. At last select the category

how to add category on wordpress

which you want to add as a default category. Have not I told you at the beginning that the entire process is really very very simple.

To know about parent categories, sub-categories, to reflect the same in your Home Page as dropdown categories and to custom-design the url of those concerned pages to appear more suitable and relevant to your audience, you may consider visiting this link.

You may also read more about wordpress from this link.

Let’s conclude facts regarding category pages:

If this post has been of any help to you in terms of adding category pages to your site, it will really be a matter of great pleasure for me. If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box.

Thank you, all.

How do I show categories on a page?

adding category pages

You can very easily display all your category and sub-category pages in the home page of your site. Below mentioned are the steps for this:
**Go to ‘Appearance’ and then to ‘menus’ in your wordpress dashboard.
**Add category pages to your menu.
**Click on ‘save changes’ and you are all done.

How do I create a category template?

category template

In wordopress, you can easily add category templates following the below mentioned steps:
**Copy your category php file.
**Create a new file of category template.
**Paste the contents from the original category file.
**At last edit your category template and you are all done.


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