how to add column in wordpress

Let’s have a plunge into the depth of WordPress:

It is really very very easy to understand how to add column in WordPress. And in this blog post I will show you the usage of this specific block in detail practically through screenshots. This will enable you to design your web-page to better present the same content to your audience.

I have already made dedicated posts on how to create a category in wordpress, how to change author in wordpress, how to shorten url in wordpress and so on. If you have not read them yet, do read them from these links.

Exploring the steps through screenshots:

Suppose that I will have to add column here in this very post. So I will at first click on the ‘+’ to add column block.

how to column in wordpress

Read the instruction as shown in the image very carefully to search ‘column’ and to insert the same into your post.

After clicking on ‘column‘, the column block option will get inserted thus:

You can add this block any where you would like. See that the block has been inserted. Now I will show you how to use column purposefully.

how to add column in wordpress

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how to add column in wordpress
how to add column in wordpress

Now I will click on the first column to edit. The process of editing will be shown below with Screenshots and you will be able to understand the changes made

in that particular place above where I have inserted the block.

Unravelling the ways to edit column block:

how to add column in wordpress

So, now I will add ‘media & text’ block in the first column and these screenshots will show you the process which will also reflect in the columns above.

Here, I have added ‘media & text’ block. Get to know about the process from this link of my another post.

How to add column in wordpress

And I have uploaded the image of cricket bats in the media section. I have also discussed about the process in my another post on how to create featured image. You should also read it from this link to understand to upload images in wordpress.

Now in the content section, I will write the details about the cricket bat.

how to add column in wordpress

See that thus I have added the content. While adding content beside an image, do remember to add texts appropriately.

I mean to say to add as much texts as to match the height of the image. If you add more texts, the height of long texts will appear odd beside a comparatively smaller image. And it will harm your presentation also.

Now I will add ‘Paragraph‘ in the second column to add more details about the cricket bat and to show you a different block being used in the concerned block in wordpress.

See that I have added a paragraph and also highlighted the text and the background of the text( I have already shown how to highlight texts in wordpress

how to add column in wordpress

in my post on how to create a new post on wordpress.). So I will suggest you to read that post to gather complete information on WordPress. Now I will click on the third column to insert into that the ‘heading‘ and ‘image’ block to show you how to use different blocks in columns just making things easier for you to understand.

How to add column in wordpress

Thus I have inserted in the third column the ‘heading’ block and written the texts. It is really that much easy to understand the process.

After writing the heading, I have pressed ‘enter’ to get the ‘+’ option. Now I will click on the ‘+’ option to insert after the heading in the same column the option of ‘image‘. Here, I am just trying to show you different blocks getting inserted into column.

how to add column in wordpress

I have already discussed about uploading featured image. And the process is the same in terms of

uploading any kind of images. So, following the same process, I have uploaded the image. Do remember to compress all the image before uploading and to add ‘alt text’ for SEO-purposes.

Now I will ‘save draft’ this post to show you how the column appears that has been created so long.

Thus the block created in front of you appears. Have not I told you at the beginning that the whole process is really very very easy.

how to add column in wordpres

Let’s conclude facts about the Column Block:

If this post has come of any help to any of you, it will really be a matter of great pleasure for me to be able to solve your issues. I do think that ‘Column Block’ will not troble yopu any longer while designing your content in wordpress. If you still have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box because this will inspire me to write another dedicated post with a view to solving your issue.

Thank you all.

How do I add blocks in WordPress?

wordpress blocks

In WordPress you can easily add column blocks to custom design your web-page. Simply just press ‘enter’ and click on the ‘+’ sign to get access to different kinds of blocks available in WordPress. From there click on the block according to preference. You may also search blocks by their name in the same place.

How do you insert blocks?

wordpress blocks

In wordpress, you can very easily insert blocks according to your preference by clicking on the ‘+’ option which will let you have access to any kind of blocks available in wordpress. It is as simple as this. To get the ‘+’ option become visible, simply press on ‘enter’ pointing your cursor at the place of your choice.


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