How to add focused keywords to website with examples of focused keywords

Let’s dive deep into focused-keywords:

It is really easy to understand how to add focused keywords within your contents. Doing keyword research to find what you should write is only the 50% of the task and to complete it, you will have to intelligently insert the same in your contents to boost the SEO-performance of your website to ranking higher in search engines. Hence it is so much important for bloggers to have a clear idea about keyword research and smart execution of the same within contents and in this blog post you will get complete idea about that.

Exploring the ways to insert keywords:

Adding focused keywords in contents does not refer to simply adding the focused keywords in between of your contents without any logical and authentic relevance of the inclusion. And more than that it will create an impression of forceful inclusion for any specific purposes. The inclusion should appear relevant and factual. While reading, the readers must not feel that the author of the concerned post has repeated certain phrases or words quite intentionally without any relevant purpose of explaining the topic of content.

So before adding focused keywords, you must have to ascertain positive impression by making factual, authentic, logical and actual addition of the focused keywords. And if you do this, you won’t ahve worry any more regarding SEO-issues posing hindrances in your path to ranking higher and higher.

Decoding the steps practically through screenshots:


How to add focused keywords to website

Have a glance at the title of this post. There I have first written the focused keyword:’how to add focused keywords to website contents in wordpress’.

And then with power words like: ‘Read & understand with expert guide’ to explain the title and at the same time the focused keyword. And thus you will have to write title of your posts adding the focused keywords for better SEO-performance of your post. I have also written a dedicated post on how to increase the SEO-performance of blog posts-you should also read that for better SEO-performance of your posts.

It is really that easier to understand how to add focused keywords to your contents and it will be shown to you with examples of focused keywords. Always remember to make keyword research for selecting any. You may make keyword research from Ubersuggest or to know more about keyword research do read my another post on how to make keyword research and more than that it will boost your SEO-information.


Again see that in the introductory heading, I have not written merely ‘introduction’. Rather I have intelligently included my keyword in the heading by writing : ‘Let’s begin the discussion about how to add focused keywords to website ‘. And the same technique has been implemented in the next heading by writing: ‘let’s explain how to add focused keywords to website‘. So thus you will have to intelligently add them in all your headings for better SEO-performance as shown in the exapmles of focused keywords.

Follow this and all your worries regarding inclusion of keywordds will evaporate like mists. See that in the very first line I have included the keyword by intelligently maintaining the relevance of the topic of the content. And in the next lines I have brought the logical and factual relevance of the inclusion of the keyword by assigning reason and only then have written the same. I have created the occurrence of the inclusion of the keyword. It will never impose the impression of forceful addition.

Carefully observe the examles and then make smart insertion. So, as you have read so far, all your worries regarding this must have started vanishing. Remember to add the focused keyword in the very first 10% of your content. This is mandatory.

Pro-tip for beginners:

To be precise, you will have to use focused keyword in your contents in such a way that will give the impression of normal and necessary inclusion of the phrases, boosting the reading value of the content. It is as simple as this. Readers should never have the impression of the repetition of the words/phrases of your keyword in the content. The keyword density is considered better when it is within 1 to 2. It will always be better to include keyword in LSI formats.

LSI Keywords:

It is nothing but writing or presenting things in a different way. The keyword of discussion is ‘how to add focused keyword in website’. We can also write it in this way ‘insertion of keywords in contents or web-pages’.

Now following the same process I will include the focused keyword in the heading of conclusion.

Let’s conclude facts about key-word insertion:

If this post has been of any help to any of you, it will really be a matter of great pleasure for me. If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box, though I do think that all your worries about this matter must have got vanished like mists.

how to add focused keywords to website

See that I have maintained the focused keyword density perfectly but have used them in such a way that will never give the impression of forceful inclusion of the phrases

or words of the focused keyword. Even in the conclusion, I have followed the same process. I have not written ‘conclusion’ in the heading to conclude the topic of discussion, rather I have intelligently added the focused keywords in the concluding heading by writing ‘Let’s conclude facts about how to add focused keywords to website. So it is really that easy to understand how to include focused keywords to website.

So in the nutshell, all you will have to do is to follow the spirit of the examples of the focused keywords inclusion.

Thank you, all.

What is focus keywords with example?

keyword insertion

Focused keyword refers to the exact representation of the whole content in one or two words. You should optimize your web-page focusing on your selected keyword. Search engines will also consider your posts as focused on descriptive of the topic that your chosen keyword will refer to. Remember to stuff your content with LSI-keywordds and try to maintain a keyword density of 1 to 2 for better SEO-performance.

How do I find the best focus keyword?

keyword insertion

There are various keywordresearch tool for this purpose. Google key owrd planner is a free tool. Again you may also consider using ‘ubersuggest’, ‘Semrush’, ‘ahrefs’ and so on. These are the paid tools but you can use them free for seven days. Beginners should target focused keywords with big search volume and less keyword difficulty.


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