mistakes to avoid in Quora answers

Let’s dive deep into Quora Answers:

There may be several reasons for being unsuccessful in Quora. Generally people tend to repeat certain mistakes and because of this the expected impressions or engagements on answers do not come. In this blog post I am going to talk about the mistakes to avoid to become successful answerer on Quora.

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Unlocking the most common mistakes of Quora:

  • Answering without question research.
  • Direct Copy -paste form Ai content writing App.
  • Plagiarism
  • Not following the answer collapse policy of Quora.
  • Using harsh/rude/abusive words
  • Going beyond your expertise/niche.
  • Grammatical mistakes.

Exploring the mistakes in detail:

Answering without question research.Most people tend to answer questions without putting any kind of effort in question research. It is ok with those who just simply want to answer on Quora without eying on what profit the answer will bring to him. But if you are taking Quora seriously to earn something, you have to do question research before selecting the question you are going to write answer of. On your selection of the question, depends the growth of your Quora profile a lot.
Simply don’t target questions, the answer of which is not known to you. Quality of your answer matters a lot, but at first your selection of the query should also have to be appropriate. Before selecting question you need to be aware of the fact if the question you have selected to answer will bring views to your writing or not. Suppose you have chosen a question which already have a lot of quality answers.
Writing in response to such questions will be similar to adding a drop of water to the ocean And your answer will bring no effect to that question. So you have to select questions which has less answers and more followers or the replies to that question must have a lot of views. So next time onwards, do not start writing without making question research because it will turn out to be only waste of time.
Direct Copy -paste form Ai content writing App.The main purpose of your content should have to be to add value to your audience – I mean to say that your audience is always in search for something unique & new which will enrich their knowledge or for something which will provide solution to their real life problems.
So, if you always tend to directly copy-paste from Ai content writing app, this will simply just increase the number of your answers. I am not against AI content writing apps, I am not telling to avoid it completely, but I want to suggest to use it smartly without using the direct copy-paste method. There are so many who have brilliant ideas but they do not know how to exactly sum up these ideas into words. So take help from content writing apps but the essence of the answer should have to be only yours.
I mean to suggest to take ideas from content writing apps and with the help of it write your own answers without copy-pasting directly from them. And if your answers are really beneficial to your audience, no one, even you also, can not stop your answers getting views. So try to maintain originality.
Plagiarism.Your answers should have to be plagiarism free – I mean to say that you should never copy answers from others and paste it in your name after making few edits. If You are doing this, this plagiarism is going to be detected sooner or later resulting in deletion or collapse of your answer.
In this case, again I will suggest you to take help from others contents or answers, but never take the recourse of copy-pasting. The essence of the answers should have to be yours. So, write plagiarism free.
Not following the answer collapse policy of Quora.you have to follow the answer collapse policies laid down by Quora, otherwise Quora will hide your answers. There is a page on Quora platform about the answer collapse policy – you may read it from there or may read my dedicated post on this from this link for clarity.
Using harsh/rude/abusive words.Always be careful in terms of your choice of words – never use any words or terms while writing that may sound like to be hers/rude/abusive or words which may harm any one’s sentiment. If few cases demand the use of such words, use hash tags or any other indirect tricks indicating indirectly to the incident that you do not want to speak of directly. Because in such cases, your answer won’t get collapsed, it will get deleted.
Going beyond your expertise/niche.Very often we tend to follow the trends as our niche is not on the trends. And we start answering questions in the trends in spite of not having expertise on the concerned topic. That is what I mean to indicate as going beyond our expertise. Suppose, we have written a good answer by collecting information from & there on the internet, but still the AI of Quora will not allow our answers to rank. The viewers will also not feel attracted to our answers as such ones are available in elsewhere also – I mean to say that they won’t find anything unique in the answer.
Grammatical mistakes.With this term “grammatical mistakes” I want to refer to spelling/punctuation mistakes or mistakes relating to sentence structures. We often think who care about grammar? – Only information matters. But guys things do not go in this way. Grammar matters a lot in making a quality answer.
No professional Quora answerers would like to make grammatical mistakes. More than that, Quora AI can easily detect from such mistakes who is professional and who is not – Quora always rank answers from professional answerers.
Mistakes to avoid in Quora answers

Digging out Things to Remember while writing on Quora:

Your answers have to be to the point and relevant – neither big nor too short. You may share your personal experience of the topic. You may give reference to reliable sources as proof. If you have to make affiliation, do not do it in the very beginning. You may also quote from reliable sources to start your answer.

Let’s conclude facts about Quora mistakes:

As you have read so far, you will not commit or repeat the concerned mistakes in your answers discussed so long. So, now earn more & more. It’s really been a matter of great pleasure for me to be able to share my views with you all. If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box, which will inspire me to write another dedicated post.

Thank You.

Which mistakes should you avoid?

Build your character and live to the fullest. Try to apply these words mentioned below:
**Start saying ‘No’ to things it deserves.
**Do not get mad for seeking approval.
**Stop being a victim.
**Don’t let too many mindless distractions bother you a lot.
**Be wise & intelligently choose friends.
**Be attentive & try to be a good listener.
**Enable yourself to take decisions.


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