how to change server location in Hostinger

Let’s seolyze the significance of server location:

It is really very very easy to change server location. You should have to set your server location keeping in mind the source of traffic. If your server location is set at the place from where most of your traffic comes, the loading speed of your website will be lot better.

Suppose the most of your traffic comes from USA and your server location is set to Asia(India). In this case when your server will get a request of `your site from USA, the server has to fetch data from Asia(India) to deliver it to the user. And the time taken to fetch data from India and send it to the user in USA, will lessen the speed of your website. This will hamper the user experience of your website. On the other hand your score in ‘Web-Core-Vitals’ will also go down which will lag you behind from getting approval from Google Adsense.

But if your server location was set to USA, the travelling time for the transfer of data to the user would have been far less and that will also boost the user experience of your website. So you will have to set the server location at a place nearest from where your traffic comes.

Exploring Few key-factors for making such changes:

If you already have set your server location and now you are understanding that your traffic is coming from another part of the globe, there is nothing to worry about because you can change your server location and the process for this in Hostinger is very simple. Here, you have to keep in mind one significant fact that after changing your server location, you can not change it again within 30 days.

When you will change the server location, the IP address of your website will also get changed.

Exploring CDN for better understanding of the process:

If your traffic is coming from several locations, and you are confused about where to set your server location, you should have to go for CDN. I have already created dedicated posts on how to enable CDN and how to remove your website from CDN. You should read them from these links to have clearer insight into CDN.

Unravelling the steps through screenshots:

Now let’s take you to Hostinger to show you the process of changing server location in Hostinger through screenshots:

how to change server location in Hostinger

Log in to your Hosting server provider and click on ‘Hosting’. As I am using Hostinger, I will show you the process in Hostinger, though the process is more or less the same in other platforms also.

I have 5 websites registered here and when I will change the server location, it will change for all the 5 websites, because you can not set server location separately fro each website.

how to change server location in Hostinger
how to change server location in Hostinger

After that click on plan detais to move forward the process.

Now click on the edit option against the ‘server location’ as shown in the screenshot. The entire process is realy that much easier.

how to change server location in Hostinger
how to change server location in Hostinger

Always set your server location according to your traffic for better performance of your website.

Select the location from the given locations & click on ‘next’. All your worries regarding making this changes will vanish like mists – you just simply follow the instruction.

how to change server location in Hostinger
how to change server location in Hostinger

And here the process ends.

Let’s conclude facts regarding server location changing:

As you have read so far, I think that all your worries regarding server location and how to change it in Hostinger must have evaporated like mists. And it’s been really a matter of great pleasure for me to be able to share my views with you all. If have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box.

Thank you all

Where are Hostinger servers located?

hostinger server locations

The servers of hosting providing company called ‘hostinger’ are located in the USA, India, Lithuania and Singapore. However this hosting providing network serves the websites(registered in this platform) assets like CSS, JS, Images and so on through Cloudflare content delivery network spread across 250 location around the entire globe.

Does Hostinger have servers in India?

hostinger server locations

Yes, of course. Hostinger has servers located in India along with other countries like USA, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Lithuania and so on.


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