how to create Quora backlinks for SEO

Quora is one of the most significant platforms which can be used as strategy for securing back links. We can easily boost our SEO by including Quora in our SEO strategy. In this blog post I am going to discuss how to create Quora baclinks for SEO, the extent to which it serves as helpful, what kinds of backlinks we get from here(no follow or do follow back links) and how can we use Quora to usher in traffic to our website.

quora backlink strategy

Backlinks are the links which will take visitors on a page from others website to your website. So it will create traffic to your website and it is the main purpose of back links. It also lead crawlers of search engines to your website from others websites. Many people are using Quora for getting back links to their thing.

Back links are of two types:

  • *’No follow backlinks
  • *’Do follow back links
*’No follow backlinksThrough such links crawlers of search engines can not move to your site.
*’Do follow back links’Through these types of backlinks crawlers can come into your website. But audience can come to your website through both these types of backlinks.
how to create quora backlinks for seo

Lets see what kind of backlinks are created in Quora

So it is evident that only ‘no follow’ backlinks are created on Quora

how to create Quora backlinks for SEO

My strategy will be to target a question related to my niche(cricket) because I am looking for people who is interested in knowing about cricket bats. So I will question research in this way. After that I have to select question with less answers and more views as I have already discussed in my another dedicated post on how to write answers on Quora.

You should read about how to use Quora, how to create space, how to optimize space, how to monetize Quora, how to find good questions to answer in Quora, how to post questions on Quora, why Quora collapse your answer, & Quora mistakes to avoid from my other dedicated posts to develop clear understanding about how to create Quora backlinks for SEO.

how to create Quora backlinks for SEO

Let’s go to Quora to show you practically how to insert backlinks.

Never insert your links directly, forgetting the essence of the question.

Nor writing only a portion of the answer and then inserting the link for further part of the answer won’t help you also. Rather you have to write the full answer and at the end you can insert the link.

how to create Quora backlinks for SEO

Remember that Quora policy suggests that your answer should have to be helpful for the people who are interested in the question asked and the violation of it may lead to the collapse of your answer. So nest time onwards while trying to insert a link into your answers for driving traffic to your thing, do follow these instructions for maintaining a structural pattern in your link-building strategy.

Unlocking the Precautions to be taken:

Except targeting traffic through backlinks, you will have to focus on growing your Quora account. Suppose you have posted 10 answers in a day. Now if you insert backlinks in all of these answers, your answers may be vulnerable to get collapsed or removed. But if you use it in two or three answers, Quora will ignore this.

As you have read so far, all your worries about how to create Quora Backlinks for SEO must have evaporated like mists. If you still have any more issues, do write to me in the comment section which will inspire me to write another dedicated post with a view to providing solution to your problem.

It’s been really a matter of great pleasure for me to be able to share my ideas on link-building strategy through Quora with all of you.

Thank You.

Can we create backlinks from Quora?

quora backlink strategy

Yes, of course. You can easily drive traffic to your thing by including Quora into your link-building strategy. Surely it will enhance the promotional process.

What is Quora backlinks?

quora backlink strategy

Quora is an efficient platform to include in your link building strategy. But one important thing to remeber is hat on Quora one will get only ‘no follow’ backlinks which are accessible for your audience.


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