SEO-lyzing the significance of CDN:

It is really very very easy to understand how to disable CDN from website. CDN is content delivery network and it is very useful as far as the performance of your website is concerned.

Suppose the most of the traffic to your website are coming from the USA but the server location in your hosting platform is set at Asia(India). Now when your readers (of course they are from the USA, as most of your traffic is from the USA) will try to visit your website, your hosting server will collect the required data from Asia(India) and thereafter deliver it to your readers after fetching it from as far as India.

Time will be killed for the purpose of fetching data from such a far away place and the time killed due to data travelling, the performance of your website will slow down because your website will then take longer time to load on the device of the readers.

Now this issue can easily be solved by changing server location of your website in your hosting platform. I have already made dedicated post on this. If you want, you may read it because this will enrich your SEO information and more than that the process of how to enable cdn for website will be easily digested by you.

There is one more option if you really do not want to change your server location. And that is to enable cdn for your website. Actually CDN is a chain of network server spread throughout this globe and it stores data in cache format in their server network.

So, when readers will try to visit your website, CDN will send data from the nearest server location to the user’s device. And by doing this CDN will omit the perspective of time-killing for data travelling and this will automatically increase the performance & speed of your website. Your website will load faster on the reader’s device.

More than that CDN provides better security for your website.

Unravelling the steps to disabling CDN:

Today in this blog post I will discuss about how to disable cdn from website. For this I will take you to where one of my websites has been registered for CDN. And now I will remove that website from Cloudflare cdn. I will show you the process through screenshots to make you understand the process clearly.

Exploring the steps through screenshots:

how to disable cdn from website

Log-in to your cdn provider’s dashboard. As I am using Cloudflare, I will show you the process in Cloudflare.

You may also pause and wait and see if your issue gets solved with it or not. And after that you may go for removing your website.

how to disable cdn from website
how to disable cdn from website

Follow the instruction and let all your worries about disabling CDN from website evaporate like mists.

Now return back to your hosting platform to change the name servers. Remember that changing name servers may take up to 24 hours. So for that period of time , your website may go offline.

how to disable cdn from website
how to disable cdn from website

Change the name servers as following the instruction as shown in the image.

Change the name servers to the recommended or default ones.

how to disable cdn from website
how to disable cdn from website

After this do click on ‘Save’.

You are all done now. CDN has been removed from your site.

how to disable cdn from website

You may also read about how to disable CDN from website from this link.

Let’s conclude facts:

as you have read so far, now it will be easy for you to disable CDN. And it’s been really a mater of pleasure for me to be able to share my views with you. If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box which will inspire me to write another dedicated post.

Thank you, all.

How do I disable GoDaddy CDN?

disabling cdn for website

Below mentioned are the steps leading you to disable CDN from GoDaddy:
**Login to your GoDaddy Dashboard.
**Go to your ‘product page’.
**Click on ‘manage all’ placed next to ‘mangaed wordpress’.
**You may turn on CDN for any of your website registered in GoDaddy and click on ‘settings‘ from the ‘menu‘.
**Under ‘production Site‘ being displayed next to CDN, click on the toogle.

Is GoDaddy a CDN?

disabling cdn for website

Surely not. However GoDaddy is a hosting provider company. It provides CDN services for its users free of cost.


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