how to disable cdn in Hostinger

Let’s plunge into CDN:

It is really very very easy to understand how to disable CDN in Hostinger. CDN is content delivery network. Actually it is a chain of network spread throughout the entire globe. CDN stores data from website in the cache format so that it can instantly deliver data to the visitor’s device from the nearest possible server location. CDN improves the speed & performance of your website by erasing the perspective of time-killing due to data travelling.

For the purpose of using CDN, you will have to register your site to one cdn providing network chain. There are many such networks. One of them is Cloudflare and here you can also use cdn completely free of cost, though paid option is also available. I have already made dedicated post on how to add cdn for your website. You should read that because it will enrich you with SEO-information and you will thus better understand how to disable CDN from Websites.

Seo-lyzing the steps to disabling CDN:

If the traffic to your site is coming from a specific place, you should in that case change your server location according to traffic instead of using CDN. I have also made dedicated post on how to change server location. You should read that from this link.

Today in this blog post, I will discuss about how to disable CDN in Hostinger. I will show you by disabling cdn for one of my websites.

Exploring the steps through screensdhots:

how to disable cdn in hostinger

First log-in to your Hostinger dash board and then click on ‘websites’.

I have 5 websites registered in this platform. And out of this five, I will disable cdn for the last one to show you the process.

how to disable cdn in hostinger
how to disable cdn in hostinger

Now click on ‘performance’ and then click on ‘CDN’. All your worries regarding disabling CDN in Hostinger will evaporate like mists.

Thus the entire process ends.

how to disable cdn in hostinger

You may also read about how to disable CDN in Hostinger from this link.

Let’s conclude facts:

As you have read so far, I do think that all your worries have vanished and now onwards you can very easily disable cdn in Hostinger. It’s really a matter of great pleasure for me to be able to share my views with you all. I think that this post has solved your issue already. If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box and I will try to come up with another dedicated post to solve your issue.

Do remember, that changing server location together with enabling CDN will surely enhance the speed and performance of your website. And the speed and performance really plays a significant role in terms of getting approval from Google Adsense.

Now keep on rocking the digital universe with SEO-information from sandipishan.

Thank you, all.

Does Hostinger use CDN?

enable or disable cdn in hostinger

Hostinger provides CDN completely free of cost within the same plan for its users. CDN is really effective in terms of improving the speed & performance of your web-pages.

How do I enable CDN?

enable or disable cdn in hostinger

Below mentioned are the steps to enabling CDN in hostinger successfully:
**Login to your Hostinger Dashboard.
**Click on ‘CDN’ under ‘performance’ tab at the left hand side.
**Click on ‘enable CDN’


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