how to find questions on Quora

Let’s dive deep into Quora:

If you are a Quora professional, you will write answers with a view to gain more & more views, upvotes, & shares to earn money or to bring more & more traffic to your website. Hence, we all focus on writing quality answers brimming with information to make it helpful for your viewers. But before focusing on your answers, the most important thing to know is how to find questions on Quora that we are going to answer.

While betting in formula one race, the most significant thing is to choose the perfect car & driver which will win you half the race before the start, similarly choosing the most appropriate question to answer will win you half the race before you start writing quality answers. Such is the importance of knowing how to find questions on Quora.

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how to find questions on Quora

So, choosing the right question has the equal importance as writing quality answer has.

In this blog post, I will discuss to let you know how to find questions on Quora which will in turn determine your growth in Quora.

Digging out the key factors to finding suitable questions:

Below mentioned are the few significant factors which you should apply to find the most appropriate question in your niche.

  • **Choose niche related questions.
  • **Choose questions with the hypothesis of ratio of Follow:answers-3:1
  • **Choose questions with the hypothesis of ratio of Views: answers- 100:1
  • **Choose questions depending on when the concerned question was followed last.

Exploring the ways to find Question for driving traffic with your answers:

You have to choose questions which are related to your niche as you have entered in your profile details. Very often we tend to get attracted to questions trending, may be they are beyond our niche. In such cases do not jump to questions like that. I am not forbidding you to avoid this completely. If you can, do understand the niche of the question you are attracted to & gather as much information as  you can. Your knowledge will then expand your niche & you will feel confident about the topic.

Then you can surely choose that question because the topic of the question also falls in your niche. But before that, do add that niche in your profile details first because otherwise Quora will not rank your answer with the view that you are answering questions the topic of which is not within your know about. So expand your niche because knowledge is limitless. And if you know about the topic to the depth, your answers will automatically enrich the readers with helpful information.

Quora also wants you to satisfy the people interested in that question. So your targeted question must have to be related to your niche. Remember one thing that your niche should not change or expand very often. If you start gathering information to expand your knowledge about every topic to answer the question in trends, you will ultimately loose your originality and in such cases your answers can never be helpful for those interested in the question you are answering.

Resultantly Quora will not rank your answer nor the readers will accept you. Again you may select questions which may not be directly related to your niche but may be considered as branches of your niche. Suppose Your niche is smart phones and the question is about the operating systems of Android. So in this case you can surely choose that question. Following these instruction will erase all your worries about how to find questions on Quora.


You may follow this rule or hypothesis in terms of finding the most appropriate question. First understand the term “followers”. The number of followers in a question shows how many people are interested in that question or how many people want to know the proper solution to this question. And the term “Answers” refers to the number of answers posted in reply to this question. Try & find these questions and stay ahead in the game of earning money online..

So, if the number of followers are more than the number of answers, it is suggestive of the fact that if you answer there, a lot of people are already there to read what you have written.

how to find questions on Quora

You may also go for questions with huge followers. Let’s understand why the number of answers are significant there also. Suppose the question you have targeted has been answered by a huge number of people already and now you are answering that-so what will happen? Simply your answer will get lost in the crowd and again answering that question will be like adding a drop of water into the ocean.

So it is always wise to target questions with less answers and more followers. This is the basics and the ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 is simply mentioned to give you the impression of the type you will have to choose to grow on Quora.

Views: answers- 100:1

how to find questions on Quora

Here, the term “views” refers to the number of people who have viewed the question. And the ratio has to be a minimum of 100:1 though more number of viewers will be better.

I mean to say that the more the number of viewers of the question will be in respect to the number of answers already received, the more suitable the question will turn out to be for answering.

Always check when the question that you have chosen was followed last:

The term “last followed” signifies how old your targeted question is. If a question is old by 5 or 6 months, it will be ok for targeting, though current question is the best one. The more recent the question will be, the more will be the chance for your growth on Quora. Never target dead questions.

The Very last thing( though the most important thing) is that after all this I will tell you that if you feel confident that there is no one who knows the answer of the concerned question better than you, you should go for the question being oblivious of all the factors or hypothesis, because everything plays in second fiddle to knowledge.

Let’s conclude facts regarding how to find questions on Quora:

As you have read so far, your worries regarding finding appropriate questions is no longer your worries. If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box, which will inspire me to write another dedicated post to provide you with a solution.

It’s been really a matter of great pleasure for me to be able to share my views with you all.

Thank You.

Where can I find questions in Quora?

posting questions on Quora

Below mentioned are the ways to find where you can find questions for writing answers:
**Login to your profile on Quora.
**Click on your profile picture to have access to your dashboard on Quora.
**Scroll down to start writing answers to a question of your choice.
**Again to have a glance at your already posted questions, you should go to your profile and click on the button ‘questions’.

How do I find trending questions on Quora?

posting questions on Quora

You can very easily find trending question on Quora by scroloing down to the bottom of your screen and clicking on ‘explore’. Then a page with a list of different topics at the left side of the screen will open. And on this page at the top a label ‘Trending’ will get visible. Simply click on it to find topics of your niche trending on Quora.


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