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Let’s start the discussion about how to get traffic on your site for free:

Traffic on your site is like fuel to your engine. As without fuel, no vehicle irrespective of it’s brand won’t move a inch forward, similarly without traffic on your site irrespective of the quality of it’s content will be cold as dead. So, guys in this discussion we will try to understand how to get traffic on your site. There are few simple steps, following of which will determine huge traffic on your site.

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Let’s have a quick glance first on the strategies to implement regarding how to get traffic on your site for free:

  • **Always use long-tail keywords
  • **Taking interviews of popular figures in the niche of your site.
  • **Use youtube also
  • **use pop-up notifications or plug-ins in your site to allow your readers to subscribe your blog.
  • **Promote your blogs through social media platforms and Quora
  • **Do proper keyword research befor publishing your post.
  • **Always keep faith in your niche.
  • **Update your posts after regular intervals.
  • **Write engaging & appealing title.
  • Always write user friendly articles, do not make your articles completely targeting search-engine algorithm for higher rankings.
  • Write on fresh or trending topics.
  • You may take recourse to “guest-posting”.

Learn how to use “long-tail” keywords to be confident regarding how to get traffic on your site:

Always use long-tail key-words such as ” how to earn money online through youtube” instead of “how to earn money online”. Here, “through youtube” adds tail to the key-word” “how to earn money online”. Again suppose your blog is focused on the key-word” best DSLR”, your key-word should have to be like this: “best DSLR under 50000 for you tubers”. Here, “under 50000 for youtubers” is the tail of the key-word “best dslr” and adds more value with a promised increase in the chances of higher ranking.

Try taking interviews & stay ahead of the confusion about how to get traffic on your site for free:

Another interesting idea for fetching instant traffic is taking inter-views of popular or eminent personalities successful in the field of the niche of your blogand publishing the same on your site. You should approach those personalities for giving inter-views.

People are always ready to share the stories of their success because this will also bring more popularity to them and add more value to what they have created. So it is really easy to convince those concerned personalities for an inter views. Most importantly a significant growth in the traffic on your site will surely be noticed.

When people will search for that personality, your site will get more traffic. Moreover, the inter-viewed personality will also share your article in social media(if requsted by you) which again will result in more traffic on your site. But always take inter views of the personalities trending in your niche – I mean to say that don’t start taking inter-views of every one you may reach.

People like to read inter-views because it serves the purpose. When people read or see the interviews of iconic figures, they feel motivated and they will land more often to your site only to watch them if not for other reasons. So interviews are going to create a community of audience for you, which will result in instant and significant rise to the traffic to your site.

Every brand does this to heighten their sale. They use the popularity of eminent personalities or use the “face” in the promotion of their brands. Hence, very often significant faces are noticed in almost every adds. So, this idea will of course usher in a remarkable change in the traffic to your site.

Use the platform of Youtube & winning over your worries regarding how to get traffic on your site for free:

Don’t limit sharing your knowledge in your niche only to the boundaries of reading through website. Youtube channel is an another significant platform. In the website people gather knowledge about your niche from website through the mode of reading and in youtube channel, through the mode of seeing. So these two platforms work better together rather than on singular level.

So, You should  publish your knowledge in your niche in Youtube also. Link your site in the description box of your youtube video. In the same way, embed your youtube videos to your blog posts. This will give you “cross-traffic“. More than that, blog posts having videos or audios embed in them become more engaging and appealing which will ultimately result in higher rankings because Google ranks posts like these higher always.

Allow your readers to subscribe you blog and stay a step ahead in the game regarding how to get traffic on your site for free:

For fetching huge traffic on your site, you have to ascertain the “re-visit” to your site. I mean to say that you have to ascertain that the people visiting to your site revisits your site again. For that you have to know your readers. So you should let them subscribe your site. So use email or news letter or push notification like “one signal” in your site for bringing more & more traffic on your site.

This will notify everyone in your subscription list about the publication of your new post. When a new reader will land on your site to read a post of his/her interest, a  he/she will see a “pop-up notification “in the screen whether he or she likes to subscribe your site or not. If “yes” is selected, your site will automatically be subscribed by him/her instantly. If you are new, and do not know how to use “push notification” or news letter or similar plug-ins, you may read from this link about the process in detail. It is really significant to know how to add website subscribe button for this purpose.

You may also give free key-book or free tools or something and thus you will be able to collect emails. Whenever you will publish a new article, just send notifications to your collected emails and we all know that e-mail marketing is also on “boom”.

Promote your blogs in social media platforms and see others following you in terms of how to get traffic on your site:

you have to promote your blogs through social media platforms also like Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Linkedin and so on. Create pages in the name of your blogs or post exclusive contents there for the purpose of promotion of your blog. This will expand the horizon resulting in traffic to your site.

Use Quora & stay confident in terms of how to get traffic on your site for free:

Quora is another significant platform for the purpose of boosting traffic to your site. First create a profile in the way proportionate to your blogs and start posting answers related to your blogs. At the beginning level, you have to write complete answers or articles. Never adopt to the shortcut process of writing only 40 to 50% of what you want to share and giving links to your site for further details.

You should never do this. Your first target should have to be gaining popularity through creating more & more followers. You may simply write the name of your site and guide them to visit that site(remember do not give links) which contain more articles on the same niche.

Just subscribe the questions related to your niche and answer them. This will result in traffic to your answers and if your answers are trustworthy and beneficiary, they will also land on your site, generating quality traffic on your site. You have to create spaces in Quora to create a community of audience. Then monetize your space to earn more & more. Maintaining good & proper format & decorum while writing answers also matters a lot for your growth on Quora.

Create groups in facebook and share your knowledge in your niche there. Graduall more people will get engaged in that group which will ultimately result in traffic to your blog. It can be considered as the process of “brand building”.

And when people get engaged to your blogs through social medias as mentioned above, Googlebot gets the feeling that your site is trustworthy and consequently will rank your posts higher.

Do proper keyword research before writing anything on your site and unlock the secrets to knowing how to get traffic on your site for free:

Always write and publish posts after proper key-word research because without this your blog won’t be able send required signals to the concerned search engine. Keyword research matters the most because it is the matter of one keyword to change your blooging journey.

Have faith in your niche and see traffic increasding on your site:

Don’t get mesmerized by other’s articles and start writing on those niches, ignoring your own niche. Just remeber that you are the boss in your niche and you have back yourself and your niche. So keep focused on your particular niches(not more than three to four: pro suggestion). This will result in increase in your domain authority and search engines will rank you higher. And traffic jam will automatically move away from your path to reaching the desired SEO-height for your site.

Keep updating your posts after regular intervals and it will keep you ahead in the agme regarding how to get traffic on your site for free:

how to get traffic on your site

Again go to Google Search Console and figure out the key-words your blogs are getting rankings. Then update those articles and insert new information if required to keep your post updated.

This will give signal to search engines that this post is not back dated.Google likes updated posts because users search for updated information. You may also publish your post on the very recent dates. This will improve your ranking and better ranking indicates better traffic on your site.(screen shot of Google search console)

Read more about Google search Console from my other dedicated posts on how to add sitemap in google search console & how to add website to google search console

Write appealing title & forget all the confusion about how to get traffic on your site for free:

Title is the thing that your reader will see at the very first time. And we all know that the first impression leaves a long lasting impression. So appealing and engaging title will always attract higher traffic on your site.

Focus on the need of your users because it is your audience who will add value to your site by getting massive traffic for your site:

Always write user-friendly articles in your site to attract huge and massive traffic on your site. Never write for the search engine. Suppose, you have made the search engine understand your key-words, key- word density, featured image and so on, and users are not getting satisfied with the information you are providing or users are not interested in the manner you have written. This will make your blog worthless. And if your machine-friendly post get ranked, it will turn back to zero again. So always write for the user, not for the search engine. Your priority has to be the user to boost traffic to your site.

Suppose, you are writing high quality contents and not getting traffic from the search engines. In such cases, another effective process will be “guest-posting”. In this case, you have to contact the owners of the blogs of the same niche as yours. Approach them that you are going to give them high-quality content and request them to publish your blog through their platforms. And if your post is liked, your site will also get traffic from there.

Google always supports blogs on fresh/trnding topics. By “fresh-topic” I mean to indicate that posts written on topics that are new. Such as, Jio offlate has launched “Jio Meet”- an alternative to Google-meet. So if you write on fresh topic like that, your blog will of cousrse be ranked higher. And for knowing the “trends”, you may use “Google Trends”.

Let’s conclude facts regarding how to get traffic on your site for free:

Following these steps with acute precision will usher in huge traffic on your site. And being able to help & guide you, sharing my knowledge, is a matter of great pleasure for me. If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box and this will inspire to write another dedicated post like this one dedicated on fetching traffic for your site.

Thank You,

How do I get traffic to my website with SEO?

Untold secrets for fetching Traffic on Your Website with SEO
**Create the clusters of content in your website.
**Use innovative strategies for keyword research and keyword **Optimization of your posts within your website
**Develop the habit of updating your contents across your website.
**Implement optimization for future snippet
**Seo-optimize your website from all the perspectives.
**Develop healthy link building strategy.
**Focus on Content Distribution within your website
**write contents that rank

How do I start seo for beginners?

SEO Master strokes for beginners
** Research to get keywords to write about.
**Keyword optimize all your web-pages.
**Put keywords in the page URL.
**Adopt to healthy link building strategy across your site.
**Add featured image to your post with ‘alt-text’
**Categorize all your posts orderly
**Maintain proper keyword density.
**Research your competitors deeply.

Is seo free or paid?

Theer are so many options that you can yourself manage to properly seo-optimize your posts.


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