It is very easy to add a post attachment as a featured image in wordpress. You can add a post attachment as a featured image in wordpress by implementing the following instruction.

Edit or Create a Post:

Log in to your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to the “Posts” section and either create a new post or edit an existing one.

Go to your Post Editor:

If you’re creating a new post, you can start by entering your post title and content. If you’re editing an existing post, click on the post you want to edit.

Set Featured Image according to your choice:

In the post editor, you should see a panel or box labeled “Featured Image,” “Featured Media,” or “Set Featured Image” on the right-hand side or below the post content, depending on your WordPress theme and editor version.

Click “Set Featured Image”:

Click on the “Set Featured Image” link or button. This will open the WordPress Media Library.

Upload or Select an Attachment:

You can either upload a new image or select an existing one from the Media Library. If you’re uploading a new image, click the “Upload Files” tab and then click the “Select Files” button to upload your image.

Choose the Featured Image:

Once the image is uploaded or selected, you will see options to set the image as the featured image. Click on “Set Featured Image” or a similar button, depending on your WordPress version.

Crop and Set the Featured Image (if necessary):

You may be prompted to crop the image to fit the featured image dimensions set by your theme. Use the cropping tool to adjust the image as needed, and then click the “Crop” button.

Save the Featured Image: When

cropping (if necessary) is done, click the “Set Featured Image” button to save it as the featured image for your post.

Update or Publish the Post: At last

click the “Update” button if you’re editing an existing post, or “Publish” if you’re creating a new post. Your featured image will now be displayed with your post.

Note: The appearance of these options depend on the theme you are using and the version of your wordpress. Before inserting featured image, do compress all the images for the purpose of the speed of your website. But the general process will remain the same. You may gather various other aspects of featured image in wordpress from this link:


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