how to create internal links in wordpress

Let’s plunge into the depth of WordPress:

Today in this blogpost I will show you the process of building internal links in WordPress using very simple methods. Linking (whether within or outside your domain) plays a very significant role. It will help crawlers to gather information about the update of post in your website through Google search console. This provides a better navigation control to your website for the readers. In a way it increases the accessibility of your site.

Again linking to outside domains serves the purpose of enabling the readers to reach out to the solution of the relevant issue of the reader from the very place. It also helps you gain backlinks.

There are several more dedicated posts like this in my website such as how to write a new post on wordpress, how to add a new category in wordpress, how to change the author in wordpress, how to create featured image in wordpress and so on. I think that you should have a glance at them from these links to enrich your SEO-information, making you a successful blogger.

Now read very carefully what & how I have written so far. I have written this much very intelligently to insert into few of the texts the links of my other posts. And this way of linking into other posts in the same website is called ‘Internal lining’.

how to create internal links in wordpress

Before creating an interlink, you will have bring the factual authentic and valuable relevance of the word(s) which you want to hyperlink in your content.

Look how I have written-I have not directly mentioned ‘google search console’. Rather I brought the factual & authentic relevance of the term ‘google search console’ through my words. And by doing this I availed myself of the chance of interlinking my another post to add more value to the experience of the reader visiting my site. Then quite relevantly, I have added the names of my other post, reading of which will add value to the reading of this post.

Thus you will have to create authentic and valuable relevance before creating an interlink. And see that I have hyperlinked all the phrases in the mean time while talking to you.

how to create internal links in WordPress
how to create internal links in wordpress

Follow the instruction as shown in the image and all your worries about creating internal links will vanish.

Do remember to click on the arrow mark as shown in the image to finish the process of inserting links may be – it is internal linking or external linking.

If this post has come of any help to any of you, it will really be a matter of great pleasure for me. If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box because this will inspire me to come up with another post with a view to providing solution to your worries like this one on creating internal links thorugh wordpress.

Thank You, all.

What is internal linking with example?

internal linking strategy & techniques

Internal linking refers to creating a bond between all the contents present within your website. This helps crawler to have easy access to all the information within your website. Internal linking also provides better user experience if directed to quench the informational thirst of the readers with complete & relevant information available within your site.

How many internal links for SEO?

internal linking strategy & techniques

There are no such limits. However, you should focus on building internal links with a view to quenching the informational thirst of readers with complete and relevant information available within your website. But still it is suggested to insert an internal link at least after the interval of 300 words or so.


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