how to get GGogle adsense approval Google Adsense approval requirements

Let’s discuss the Google adsense approval requirements to learn clearly how to get Google Adsense approval:

How many times have you seen this page in quest of fulfilling the Google Adsense Approval requirements?

how to get google adsense approval google adsense approval requirements

And how frustrating and demoralizing it may be is known only to those who are seeing this page again and again. But don’t worry because it is not that really hard to meet the Google adsense approval requirements

if you abide by the privacy policy set by Google but for this you have to understand the policy first. Understanding the Google Adsense Approval requirements will evaaporate all your worries about how to get Google adsense approval. Once you understand these policies clearly it won’t be that hard to abide by them and you won’t have to ask anymore how to get approval from Google Adsense. So guys follow these instructions and work hard to express your creativity in front of the world and approval will be on it’s way. All your worries – about the Google Adsense Approval Requirements together with how to get Google Adsense Approval – get evaporated like mists in minutes.

Let’s discuss the steps and procedures about Google Adsense Approval Requirements to enable you to understand how to get google Adsense approval:

1st stepLearn how to Add Website in Google Search Console & how to use Google search Console
2n stepLearn how to create Sitemap for google and how to add sitemap in Google Search Console
3rd stepLearn how to create Google Adsense account understanding the requirements for Google Adsense
I have dedicated posts on adding your website in google search Console, on creating and submitting sitemap in google search console, how to create google Adsense Account & how to bring traffic to your blog with a view to guide you on the road of monetization. And thus to guide you about the Google Adsense Approval requirements.

Many think that once they get approval from Adsense, they will start working harder and invest more time on their website and content. But it is completely a wrong approach.

how to get google adsense approval google adsense approval requirements

It does not work in this way. You keep on working hard writing only the original from your own brain(I am not at all forbidding you to gather information from other sources), and

if your contents solve the issues, many others are facing or people are getting help or getting enriched or the purpose of your contents is meeting the demands of others it is simply just a matter of time that Google will approve your site. The accomplishment of these things mean huge traffic to your site and thus getting Approved by Google.

1.Now let’s discuss the Four points to let you understand the Google adsense approval requirements for learning how to get Google Adsense approval:

Let’s discuss “Minimum content requirements” to let you know how to get Google Adsense Approval::

Though there are no specific numbers of contents are set and hence mentioned here from the end of Googlebot, I will tell you to write at-least 25-30 contents first & only then apply for Google Adsense

how to get Google adsense approval google adsense approval requirements

approval. each contents must be of minimum 500 words and if they exceed 1000 words it will smoothen the process. Many YOUTUBE channel owner will demand of getting approval for 12-15 contents, but here I would like to guiode you that either they are bragging or the Contents are of real quality and each content must have to have more than 3000 words.

I have heard many regretting that their website has more than 40 or 50 articles and yet not getting approval from the end of Google. For such cases I really advised them to work on their contents as they might have some serious issues, because if the contents were really original without any copy-paste, the number 25-30 should have to be more than enough.

Let’s discuss about “Make sure your site has unique high quality content and a good user experience” to let you know how to get Google adsense Approval:

how to get google adsense approval google adsense approval requirements

The term “High Vlue Content” does not signify that your contents should have to match the quality of those found in Wikipedia or High Authority Website. Rather it refers to the fact that the contents should have to be

original, of your own and can not be found on other websites. That means that copy-pasting should have to be out of contention from your site. Even while inserting images, do not download them from Google or other sites-for this purpose Pixel or Pixabay will be of great help to download images and after downloading you should edit those on your own. Do not also download videos from google or other sites also.

Let’s put things in one table for your better understanding about how to get Google Adsense Approval:

For better understanding about how to get google adsense approval together with the Google Adsense Approval requirements, you have to know about “Minimum Traffic requirements”:No specific traffic is also not mentioned from the end of Googlebot. Your site must have traffic like. If that minimum traffic is not coming to your site, what will you do with the Adsense Approval because ultimately your idea is to earn money.
And without that minimum traffic what will you earn? So first focus on your contents. They should have to be engaging and traffic- fetching.
knowledge about “Minimum Bounce Rate” will help you a lot about how to get Google Adsense approval:Your contents must be like that people are being helped by landing on your site. The issue for what they are searching in Google and have landed on your site must reach to the end of solution-in other words they are finding your contents helpful.
Only then they will stay in your site and that in another way reduce the Bounce Rate. This will of course result in getting approval for your site from the end of googlebot.
“User-Friendly navigation” is also a necessity in respect to how to get Google Adsense Approval and the Google Adsense Approval requirements:Your Website must have to be user-friendly also in terms of navigation. Your site must not carry the similar things on different pages posing confusion for the readers. There also should never be a large number of pages because in such cases Googlebot will not understand your Niche and send your request for approval once again for fixing up things. Maximum 4-5 pages can be there.
***Most Important*** No repetition on your website. Maintain Originality without copy-pasting and issue-solving informative contents on user friendly sites will determine easy approval.
Avoid “copy-pasting” as google adsense approval requirements:Article Spinning will also be caught by Googlebot resulting in rejection. Adding 25% on your own and keeping the rest the same will also result in rejection. Though you will find so many demanding getting approval with copy-pasting, I will tell that now google has become really strict to prohibit the practice of copy pasting and you will not get approval in that case for sure.
So, gather information and write on your own. One more thing there is a process for copy pasting and I have discussed about that in my another post.
You have to maintain these as google adsense approval requirements.

2.Let’s discuss about “Webmaster quality guidelines” for you to understand better about how to get google adsense approval:

About this, I will advise you to add your site as property in Google Search Console to index your pages. Don’t forget to add your site-map also in Google search console.

how to get google adsense approval google adsense approval requirements
  • After adding in search control you have to wait for at least two- three days to let your pages to get being indexed. Only then apply for Adsense approval. How to submit your site in Google Search Control is discussed in detail in simple ways in my another post.
  • Your site must have a good theme for better & convenient user experience for navigation. And your site must contain these four pages to be read as: Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, About Us, Privacy Policy. You have to add on the header section menus which will also show each of your categories(categories should not exceed more than five).
  • These are the must. While reviewing your site Googlebot will at first check these. One more important thing, Adsense allows only one account. So if you have made mistakably two or more accounts with different email-id, you will receive rejection within two days.
  • There is a notion that Adsense only approves “.com/.in/.org” sites. Don’t believe in this. But getting approval for free sites(sub domains) is really tough.

3.Let’s understand “Webmaster quality guidelines for thin content” for knowing the Google Adsense Approval requirements:

Follow these instructions given above about content to avoid getting rejection on griounds of Thin Content. You may also watch the video uploaded by Googlebot for a better understanding but same aspects about writing contents will be given there as you have already read here.

Let’s discuss about few more things about how to get Google Adsense approval:

  • ** Always maintain a schedule for working in your website. This will let Google Crawler understand when to land on your site. Thus the data will automatically be added to Google data storage through Google search Console
  • ** In the beginning, do try to avoid “downloading site”.

To learn more about how to get google Adsense approval and to know about Google Adsense approval requirements, you may also read from this link for Google Support

Let’s conclude Facts about how to get Google Adsense Approval and the Google Adsense approval Requirements:

If you follow these instructions, forget about the question about how to get Google Adsense Approval together with the confusion about the Google Adsense Approval requirements. Just focus on bringing more & more traffic working on SEO because you have already started about earning money through Google Adsense. If even after following these instructions, you are facing rejection, there must have to be serious issues persistent in your site. In such case, you are advised to write on the comment box for letting me help you get Approval.

If these information have come to of even a bit of help to you, it will be my great pleasure. For any more issues, do write in the comment box which will inspire me to write another dedicated post like this one about how to get Google Adsense Approval and the Necessary Google Adsense Approval Requirements.

Thank You.


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