how to improve seo on website

Let’s dive deep into SEO-optimization:

It is very very important to execute best SEO-practices while writing contents for your web-pages and for this purpose you will have to adopt the proven techniques to enhance seo and maximize visibility. And it is very very simple to understand how to improve SEO on website.

The more you will optimize your posts for search engines, the higher the chances will be for your posts to rank in Search results. And for improving SEO-optimization of webpages, you will simply have to follow the instruction as given below.

Seolyzing the key-specifics for SEO-enhancement:

**Attractive and appealing title:

You will have to include your focused key-word in the title of your post. And do remember to add numbers also in the title of your post. Remember to use at least a positive/negative/power words also in the title of your web-pages. Please have a look at the title of the article that you are reading now at this moment and there you will find a phrase like: ‘brought into light’-this is what is referred to as by power word. In wordpress, you can easily perform this action.

how to improve SEO on website

Always use LSI keywords instead of th exact keyword phrases. And if you have any wordpress seo plug in installed in as I have RankMath,

do not try to reach seo score up to 90 or 100. In fact you should not even go for scores higher than 50 or 55 by inserting the exact keyword phraases. Check how I have written the title- in the title I have not used the exact keyword phrase like ‘how to improve seo for website‘. Rather I have used the LSI one like ‘enhance your websites seo‘ which bear the same meaning like that of the exact key phrase. And most importantly Google understand this and will rank you higher.

So try to use words/phrase patterns similar to the meaning of the keyword and this is called LSI keyword. And in this case you can ignore seo score shown by your wordpress-plugins.

Exploring LSI keywords:

Always use the Lsi ones ignoring the seo score shown by your seo-plugin. Even try to increase the keyword density

how to improve seo on website

by stuufing lsi keywords in your content instead of writing the exact ones pattern everywhere. And make the anchor texts of the keyword phrase bold for better visibility of the same in fornt fo Google Crawler. ‘Enhance‘ and ‘improve‘ almost are same in meaning and hence I have used ‘ enhance‘ to execute LSI. Again ‘improve seo on website‘ and ‘ enhance your websites seo‘ are same in meaning and I have used the later one for the purpose of inserting LSI keyword in this content showing you how to improve seo on website.

SEO-optimize Meta Description:

Include your focused key-word in the meta description of your post. Meta description must have to be attractive because readers will view that even before starting to read your post or even before clicking on the url of your article from the search result. Hence meta description of your articles bears such an important significance. In wordpress you can easily custom design your meta descriptions.

At the same time, you will have to include your key-terms in the slug/permalink. Remember the character length of the permalink and the structural pattern of the permalink matters a lot in terms of shortening the url of your post. Again the shortened url of web-pages increases the SEO-performance of your contents. The character length of your url must have to be within 60-65 characters(below 70 is considered good). In wordpress you can make edit in the slug by clicking on ‘quick-edit’ visible under each post.

Inclusion of Focused keyword for maximizing visibility:

Focused key-word must have to appear in the first 10% of your content. More than that try to include intelligently your focused key-word in all the headings & sub-headings used within your content. Have a look at all the three headings of this article and you will find that I have not merely written the headings but I have intelligently included the key-term in the headings for better SEO-practices. See that I have not merely written ‘introduction’ or ‘conclusion’ respectively in the introductory or in the concluding heading. Rather I have written in the introductory heading: ‘let’s begin the discussion about how to increase SEO performance of blog posts’. And again in the concluding heading also I have intelligently inserted the key phrases. You will have to do this also.

Maintain proper Character length:

The character length of your content should have to be more than 1000 words. And if 1000 words are not possible, try to finish with at least 600 words. Articles over 3000 words fetch the best SEO-score.

Insertion of Media files:

You have to add relevant media files(either image or video) into your content. Always compress image before uploading the image. And always use ‘alt-text’ for all the media files that you will upload into your article. I have already written a dedicated post on how to create featured image in wordpress. You should read that post to understand clearly the process in wordpress.

Maintain proper Keyword density:

The key-word density within your article should have to be within 1 to 2. While including focused key-phrases, do remember to include it quite intelligently after bringing about the proper and authenticate relevance of the focused key-word into the context of your content. Never write key-terms in a way giving the impression of forceful inclusion of the same. RankMath plugin in WordPress will automatically show you the score.

Do not repeat same Keyword

Remember not to use focused key-words already used by you earlier for another article within your website.

Use Short Paragraph:

At last you will have to use short paragraph in your content because this will increase the engagement of your readers into your article. Have not I told you at the veru beginning of this article that it is really easy to understand how to increase SEO-performance of blog posts.

Simply just follow the instruction and let all your confusion regarding this evaporate like mists.

Let’s conclude facts of SEO-optimization:

As you have read so far, the confusion rgarding bringing about enhancement in the SEO-performance of your web-pages is no longer your worries any more, because with the given techniques you can easily perform this action. If this post has been of any help to any of you, it will really be matter of great pleasure for me.

If you still have any more issues,be it seo or wordpress related do write to me in the comment box because this will inspire me to write another post with a view to solving your issues.

Thank you, all.

How do I optimize social media posts for SEO?

seo-significance of social media interactions

Below mentioned are the ways to improving the SEO-performance of your social media pages:
SEO-optimize your concerned social media profile by using key-terms in your profile name, handle, Bio and in addition to that, if you deem it necessary, do include your location.
**Insert key-phrases and ‘hashtags’ in the caption. Note that it has been really long since putting hashtags in the comment section stooped bringing any effect on the SEO-performance of your social media profile.
**It is better to add ‘alt-text’.
**Make use of sub-titles and tag your location.

Which social media is best for SEO?

seo-significance of social media interactions

Bring about enhancement in the seo-performance of your web-pages to boost visibility of the same with the assistance of social media interactions. Below mentioned are few popular social media sites for this purpose.


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