how to use media & text in wordpress

Let’s dive deep Media & Texts feature:

Today in this blog post I will show you practically how to use media & text in wordpress through screenshots. Media & text is also one of my favorite blocks in wordpress. And the most interesting fact about this block is that it will make your page look presentable and attractive to the readers.

I have also made dedicated post on how to create a new post in wordpress where I have shown the use of almost all kinds of blocks available in wordpress. I do think that you should read that post to enrich your wordpress information. You may also read about other various wordpress information from this link.

Exploring the steps through screenshots:

how to use media & text in wordpress

At first I will prress ‘enter’ to get the ‘+’ option. And then will click on ‘+’ to get the box of blocks. And from there I will select ‘media & text’.

It is really very very simple to understand the usage of this block in wordpess.

Now I will change the direction of the image and texts following the same process as shown in the image to make the post look

how to use media & text in wordpress

attractive and presentable. Then I will click on ‘media library’ to upload the image . We all know that uploading featured image and images in every section is the same. I have already discussed in my dedicated post on how to create featured image about the details of uploading images in wordpress. So following the same process, I have uploaded the images above. You should also read about the process from this link.

And always remember to add alt-text against every image. The process about how to add ‘alt-text’ is also described in the post on creating a featured image. And again do compress the image before uploading.

how to use media & text in wordpress

See that thus I have added the image. And now I am writing this in the ‘content‘ section. As I have already told you,

that it is very very easy to use media & text block. I have also added ‘alt-text’ to this image following the same process as shown in the post on creating a featured image. Again remember never to upload images directly after downloading from Google.

Instead you should download images from ‘’ or other relevant sites and then edit the same using Canva or other platform to avoid the ‘copy-pasting’ issue-this is a pro-tip.

how to use media & text in worddpress

Thus the post page appears with proper implementation of the ‘media & text’ block. Always remember to write as much

text as necessary to match the height of the image or to add as much texts as is required to stay below the height of the image. Only then the page will look presentable because otherwise with bigger text height as compared to the height of the image, your post will look odd.

I have forgotten one thing to add. You can increase and reduce the size of the ‘media’ section by following the instruction as shown in the image.

how to use media & text in wordpress

Note that the bigger the size of the ‘media’ section will be, the less space you will get to insert texts. Observe the side of the ‘media’ and the ‘text’ in this post. I have changed it in a order to make the post more presentable.

Let’s conclude technical facts about media & text block:

As you have read so far, I do think that all your worries about using media & text block for better presentation must have got evaporated like mists. And still if you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box.

Thank you, all.

What are media in WordPress?

media and block in wordpress

The media tab appears at the wordpress admin sidebar and from here you can easiliy manage, edit or delete all the media files already uploaded or to upload a new one.

How do I insert text and images in WordPress?

You can easily insert images and texts side by side by using the ‘Media & Text’ block vailable in WordPress. Simply just add media file of your choice at the media section of the block and insert texts at the ‘content box’. It is simple as this. Remember to add ‘alt text’ for all the images you upload.


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