Let’s dive deep into Quora monetization:

Quora is a platform from where you can make money and at the same time you can also create a community of audience for your blog through Quora spaces. We have already understood the basics of Quora platform, how to create spaces in Quora, how to optimize space in Quora, how to find good questions on Quora, how to write answers on Quora, how to post questions on Quora, why my answers collapse on Quora, the mistakes to avoid in Quora answers & how to create Quora backlinks in my earlier posts. In this blog we will learn the steps regarding how to monetize Quora.

Let’s explore the steps to monetizing Quora through screenshots:

how to monetize Quora

First log in to Quora and select the space you want to monetize. You may also read about how to create space from my another dedicated post

You will have as much as three options for making money in Quora.

how to monetize Quora
how to monetize Quora

You may also set payment option on monthly/yearly basis on Quora.

You may use Paywalling feature while using space subscription.

how to monetize Quora
how to monetize Quora

Click on next for activating the next option.

You may also earn from the views/shares your space gets in Quora+

how to monetize Quora
how to monetize Quora

Now click on next to move to the option of revenue share from Adsense.

From this option you will get a share from the earnings Quora will make through Adsense.

how to monetize Quora
how to monetize Quora

Now again go back to the page of your Space.

how to monetize Quora

You can view your earnings from the option labelled as ‘earning’.

So the process completes here and I think how to monetize Quora is clear to you now.

how to monetize quora

You may also read more about Quora from wikipedia from this link.

Let’s conclude facts regarding Quora Monetization:

So, now invite more & more people to your space. The more you will share content/questions, the more popular will your space will become. Always share contents/answers from other spaces. I mean to say that there should a lot of activities in your space. your space on Quora is monetized now. So keep on earning from Quora.

If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box which will inspire me to write another dedicated post with a view to solve your problem. And it is really a matter of great pleasure for me to be able to share my ideas with you all.

Thank You.

How much Quora pays for 1,000 views?

Monetization of Quora spaces

It simply does not happen in this way. Quora does not pay you on the basis of the number of the views on your answers. In stead Quora will pay a share of the revenue that the platform will make through Adsense.

What is the eligibility for Quora monetization?

Monetization of Quora spaces

Though there is no research based data available regarding how much views are required for becoming eligble for monetization on Quora, there is a general notion that you will need to have at least 200000 views in total to become eligible for Quora monetization.


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