why my answers collapse on Quora why my Quora answers not showing

Let’s dive deep into Quora Answers:

Has it ever happened to you that you have posted an answer which got loads of views and as of now it no longer is displayed publicly?- leaving you to ponder why are not those answers getting displayed in Quora??? It means that your answer has been collapsed by Quora. So in this blog post we will learn about the meaning of answer collapsing, the reason behind it and what to do to prevent your answers getting subsided in Quora from the very next time.

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Digging out the significance of Answer collapse:

Suppose you have written answer to a specific question and Quora has subsided this answer. So when a viewer will come and search for your answer, he/she will find that this has been collapsed.

why my Quora answers not showing

That means your answer will go to the bottom of the answer list with the tag line from Quora that this answer is  collapsed. and when the viewer will click on the collapsed answer list,

he/she will find your answer. Still at the heading it will be written that “this answer needs improvement”. So all these are going to harm your reputation, leaving you completely dismayed-“why are not my answers visible on Quora?”

It is quite similar like your answer getting deleted, though in fewest of cases only Quora algorithm deletes your answers. But there are high chances for answers getting collapsed

why my answers collapse on Quora

if answer collapse policies laid down by Quora are not followed. So knowing and following these policies will ascertain your answers to stay visible for your readers on this platform. One important thing to remember is that these policies are not applied in the Spaces section as Spaces are your personal section.

Bringing into light Why does Quora collapse answers:

For more clarity, I will not speak of any of my views here, rather I will point out the factors laid down in the answer collapse policy page in Quora so that all your worries regarding answer collapse evaporate like mists.

The key principle underlying Quora’s policy of collapsing is simply that people should make pages helpful for those who are interested in the question. And if this basic factor is applied in your answer, your answers will remain visible for your audience.

One** The answer should have to be appropriate to the question asked. Answers related to the niche, but not exactly answering the question will get collapsed. Suppose The question is: Why did Mughal dynasty fall down? and some one is writing the whole history of Mughal dynasty but not answering the exact question. Such answers are vulnerable for getting collapsed. So always target the essence of the question in your answer to stay ahead in the game.

Quora emphasizes that one should exactly respond to the question asked without misinterpreting the language of the question for making the page helpful for the people interested in the question. Suppose the question reads thus: Who is the last Mughal emperor? what are his contributions? Now in response to the question one needs to answer first the name of the lase Mughal Emperor and then write about his contributions and then may cite few relevant examples. But if some one points out to the entire Mughal history in answer to this question, the answer is liable to subsided or fall down in the answer list..
TwoNever to answer in a humorous way to make fun of the question asked & you will never have to worry about answer collapsing. And never to use slang or colloquial words in your answer to humiliate the core of the question asked.
But if the question in nature is silly and you are using humor to point out the illusion involved in the question asked, it will be permissible. Suppose the question reads thus: “How to become superstar in one day?” and in response to that you are writing that you have to be the relative of a superstar to become a superstar within a day. – This humor is permissible because the question itself is sur-real. Remember that  Quora wants your answers to help the people interested in the question asked.
ThreeYou will also have to comply with quora’s policy while adding images or videos in your answers. You may read in detail about adding image/video policy of quora from this link. In the nutshell, never use images/videos with adult/sexual contents or contents promoting violence to avoid getting collapsed by Quora.
FourIn your respons to a query, to show your expertise never argue a previous answer on the same question to comment out the discrepaency or any knid of error involved in that answer to avoid getting collapsed. Quora says that if you have to comment, comment in the specified section named as “comment section” rather than answering to argue the previous answer(s).
FiveQuora is available in different languages. But if you have chosen English language in your profile setting, always try to answer in English to avoid getting your answer fall down or collapsed. But to quote some one, you may use the dialect that person had used in quotation format using English letters & inverted commas. In such cases it will be wise to write in English the meaning of the sentence in the quotation using brackets.
Maintain this policy of language and stay ahead in the game including valuable information for your audience.
SixIf you are directly using Quora answers to affiliate your product or company or business through links your answers will become vulnerable to get collapsed. You may provide the details of your business/company/product in the details that you have provided at the time of creating Quora account to affiliate the same. But in answers you can’t do it randomly, you will have to prove the relevance of your affiliations within your answers.
That means Quora wants you to disclose in proper way the relevance of your affiliations within the answer of the question asked.
SevenExcept all these reasons for answer collapse if Quora deem your answer inappropriate or short or like ones that need to be improved, Quora reserves the right to collapse your answer.
Reason for answer fall-down

Let’s conclude facts about answer collapse on Quora:

As you have read so far, all your worries about facing answer collapse from Quora should have to evaporate. And it is really a matter of great pleasure for me to be able to share views with you all. If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box.

Thank You.

Why do Quora answers collapse?

If your answers do not meet with the answer collapse policies laod down by Quora, your answers are vulnerable to get collapsed. Answers should be focused on the essence of what is asked, avoiding the usage of colloquial words for the purpose of humiliating others. You should not write only for the purpose of affiliations. Always try to satisfy the query of the readers, maintaining the language policies from Quora.

How to read Quora locked answers?

Below mentioned are the ways following which you can easily unlock quora answers, if you do not want to pay:
**Use incognito window from a different browser on another device.
**Humbly ask the author of that concerned answer to share it with you.
**Or you may try to get the answer from elsewhere in the web-world.

Can I hide my answer on Quora?

Suppose you are posting any type of content like answers, questions, comments, any edits or edits suggested for other’s answers under the name of your profile, your post will remain displayed to everyone because it is not possible to make your edit logs private on Quora.


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