how to remove sitemap from Google search console

Let’s dive deep in to Google search console:

The main purpose of Google is to collect data from websites and store the same which Google will cater to the users to satisfy their queries. As there are so many websites or data on a specific niche, Google uses it’s own ranking algorithm for the purpose of indexing to cater the most suitable one to the users. And here in lies the significance of Google search console tool through which Googlebot crawls into your website and gets informed about all the activities on your website.

Hence it is very important to know how to create xml sitemap, how to submit sitemap to Google search console & how to remove a url from Google search Console .

In this blog post I will discuss about how to remove sitemap from Google Search console. For bloggers who are new & very often face problems in removing sitemap from search console, this post will really be helpful because often it is required to remove sitemap or to submit a new one.

You should have already read about how to index your website in Google search engine, how to create and submit sitemap to Google search console, how to add website to google search console, how to remove property from Google search console, & how to create Google Adsense account & how to get adsense approval from my other dedicated posts. If you have not read yet, you must read about them from these links and this will enrich your insight into Googel search Console.

Decoding the steps to removing sitemap:

Bringing out the steps through screenshots:

Let’s go to Google search console and try to understand the steps through screen shots for real life experience.

how to remove sitemap from google search console

First log-in to search console tool and go to sitemap section.

Then click on the sitemap you want to delete.

how to remove sitemap from google search console
how to remove sitemap from google search console

Now click on the specified option as shown in the image and see your worries regarding removal of sitemap vanishing like mists.

Now click on ‘remove sitemap’.

how to remove sitemap from google search console

The process of removing sitemap from google search console ends here.

how to remove sitemap from google search console

Let’s conclude facts regarding removal of sitemap:

As you have read so far, I am sure that the worries for removing unwanted sitemaps from Google search console are no longer your worries. And it’s been really a matter of great pleasure for me to be able to share my views with you all. If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box.

Thank You for reading.

Can I delete sitemap in Google Search Console?

Yes, of course the provision of deleting unwanted sitemaps are available in Google search console and to perfrom this action of removal, you will simply have to go to sitemap section in Google search console tool and choose & remove the sitemap.

Where is my sitemap?

Sitemap is the outline of information contained within your website which helps GoogleBot to crawl & gather information from your site easily. To get the xml sitemap of your website, simply type the url of your website in Google and add ‘/sitemap_index.xml‘ to the url and press ‘enter’.


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