Diving deep into Vehicle listing structured data:

Google has introduced dedicated rich snippet for listing vehicles to make it easier for users to find the vehicle(car) of their choice. This will also enable the car manufacturers or dealers to showcase their peroducts in the most user friendly way. This innovative Vehicle listing scheema or structured data lets car dealerships to make their sale vehicle inventory eligible for appearance on various Google surfaces, such as Google Search and dealerships’ Business Profiles.

This will allow People to search, filter, and easily gather more and key information about the concerned vehicle listed for sale such as availability, pricing, and so on. This will again potentially direct customers to your business allowing you to grow more and more in the competition arena.

Now car dealerships can provide Google with their car inventory data for appearance in the rich results to attract more and more buyers following two different methods-through structured data markup on their websites and through uploading feed files to the vehicle listings partner portal. As far as uploading feed files to the partners portal is concerned, it requires system development to create and maintain feed files and proper knowledge of the basics of coding.

But you don’t need to worry regarding system development or the expertise in coding thanks to Rankmath plugin. With Rankmath pro installed in your wordpress website, you can easily make robust implemantation of structured data markup or Schema on your website for making your web-pages eligible for appearance in rich results of vehicles listing. And in this blog post I will show you the most convenient ways to implementing structured datat markup on your concerned web-pages with the help of Rankmath plug-in.

Unlocking Structured data or schema mark-up:

Schema markup tells search engines like Google what your content is all about or the essence of your content- in the nutshell schema is a code or a piece of structured data that helps to decipher the information within the concerned web-page into a language that search engines can easily understand. So schema markup allows search engines to clearly understand what is exactly there within the concerned web-page of yours and your intention for creating that concerned web-page.

Suppose you are reading an article written in a language unknown to you. How will you feel then?-Surely it will make you feel like a fish out of water. Now if somebody comes and transltaes the entire content into your native languuage, you will be able to understand easily and conceptualize the entire topic of content. Schema mark-up dopes the same purpose. It tells Google that your web-page is all about this and that and it is directed for this purpose.

In a word schema mark-up allows search engines to develop a clear idea about the information and purpose of the information available in your web-page and this will in turn allow search engine to cater your web-page to relevant search queries. And this is also the main intention of Google behind introducing rich results.

Scheema mark up eradicates all the confusion about your content from the system of serach engines and provide search engines with a little edge allowing them to understand what your content is all about. With schema markup implemented within your web-page, search engines can easily recognize and understand your webpage and cater it to the most relevant quereies quickly.

Rich results are meant for catering web-pages with specific information users are searching for and appearance in rich results determine more relevant readers with noticable increase in your traffic, though there is no research based proof for scheeema mark-up to drive assured traffic to your web-page.

Suppose you have embedded a video in your content and have used schema mark-up for the same. Now this will tell search engine that this web-page is all about this and there is also a video explaining the detail. Again if you are using ‘product’ schema mark-up, it tells search engines that your web-page is containing information about the concerned product and this web-page is meant for selling those products. This clear indication will let Google understand your web-page and hence will be able to cater it to the most suitable search queires quickly.

It is quite obvious that you may not want more such technical information on scheema mark-up and want to know exactly how to get your web-pages appear in car listing rich results. The steps have been made very easy by Rankmath and you can easily try for appearance in the vehicle listing rich results using the ‘product scheema’ within your web page with the help of Rankmath.

Analyzing Schema markup with RankMath:

Table of contents:

Table of content allows Google to understand the content of information present within your web-apge. and it is very easy to insert it into your

content with the help of rankmath. Simply just follow the instruction as shown in the image. And remeber that you can insert this block anywhere within your content and here I have used it in thevery beginning of my content.

Table of contents comprises of the headings used in the content. Here, I have used three headings so far and hence as of now only

three headings are shown in the table of contents. In course of showing the process, whatever headings I will use, will get added to the table of contents. And suppose if some one is searching for the details about structured dta or scheema mark-up, Google will simply cater the information under the heading ‘unlocking structured data or scheema mark-up'(if goole deems it worthy, relevant and most suitable). So I will recommend you to use table of contents within every posts for gaining more vissibility in SERPS.

product Schema:

This variable of schema mark-ups, will secure appearance for your web-page in vehicle listing rich results. And to make a robust implemantation of the same within your web-page is really very very easy with Rankmath.

At first click on the ‘Rank math’ toogle as shown in the image and then click on the ‘Schema’ as visible in the scrennshot.

Then click on ‘schema Generator’ to implement ‘product’ schema into your web-page for becoming eligible for appearance in vehicle listing rich results.

Then a pop-up page like this will open and from here you can import or custom design your schema if you are not feeling satisfied wit options available

in the schema catelogue. From here you can also edit or delete or have a preview of the already existing schema in use.

Write the name of your car in te space provided against ‘product name’ and product url(in case you are affiliating products)

in the space provided for product url. Then choose where you want to place the scema mark-up. Describe your car in the description box and provide the details like GTIN or MPN or so on in the spaces provided for the specific purpsoe. And do remember that these are optional and if you do not possess any SKU or do not have any idea about GTIN or MPN details in case you are affiliating products, leave those spaces empty. In this Schema mark-up you can also add the price (together with the currency) of your car here. You can also leave this place empty if you are affiliating products or pricing is not the matter of your contention.

You can also let your buyers know if a partiocular car is in stock or unavailable from the drop-down menu against ‘availability’.

You can also include when the date of the validity of the displayed price is going to expire from ‘price valid until’ option. You can again give ratings to your car from ‘rating’ opttion. In terms of setting ratings for your car, do set the minimum and the maximum score properly because it will give clear idea about how good or effective your car is. You can also mention the pros and cons of your cars from the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ options-affiliate bloggers or editorial reviews must include this.

Now if you click on ‘save for this post’, the schema mark-up will get saved for that particular web-page and if you click on ‘save as template’, this will get saved as template and you can also make use of it in different posts within your site. From the ‘Advanced editor’ option, you can custom design your schema mark-up specifically for your use.

Now to show you how exactly this schema works, I have inserted few minimum required details

to create this schema and have saved that for this post only.

Thus you can generate the product schema for your web-page. Now again I will click to edit the schema to show you the use of short code.


kdelrt;5tye'r,fq',d5lv [56v 433| c43c 4dbfwefn;rgklgl5kymhmwb,,b\y;h;wkgmhekm5][hl,h,n,u[j; j;;jt;t;t

Product Currency: usd

Product Price: 10000

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:

I have copied the short code and placed it immediately above this block to insert the schema mark-up within this web-page.

Thus the schema looks within this web-page.

Checking if the schema mark-up has made this web-page eligible for appearance in the rich results:

So to check it, I will simply click on the ‘eye’ mark available at the right hand side of the schema mark-up. And then test the schema mark-up with Google and the process

is clearly evident in the screenshot. Or you can simply click on this link to test & validate the schema mark-up implemented within your web-page(s) any time.

You can also check the eligibility of your web-page for rich results with the url of your web-page also.

So the schema mark-up has three valid structured data with one error. Now let’s fix this error.

To fix the issue, you will have to click on the error and try to identify the error and fix the same.

Here, in this case, the issue is that we have not added any image for the car that we want to sell. Now all that we will have to do is to add ‘product url’ which will be an image of fortuner car.

So to do that, at first you will have to add the desired image to your media library and from there you will have to copy the url of that concerned image and paste the same in provided space.

Thus as shown in the screenshot, you should also go to media library and copy the url of the image that you want to use for this schema mark-up.

Thus following the instruction as shown in the image, do copy the url of the image you want to get displayed.

You may also copy the url of a particular image from here also.

Then I have pasted the url at the appropriate place and also have set the same image as featured image.

Then following the same process I have again tested the eligibility with Google and quite obviously the error is vanished now.

And now see how the schema markup implemented within this very post through short code appears very attractive with image added now.

Preview of appearance in SERPs:

Thus will be the appearance of your web-page in the rich results.

So thus through product schema from Rankmath, you can easily make your web-pages eligible for rich results of car listings.

Now if you are reviewing one product, you can easily make that concerned web-page eligible for rich results by implementing this product schema type with the free version of rankmath but if you are promoting or reviewing or selling more than one car within a single web-page, you can easily add more than one product schema in the pro version of rankmath.

And as you have read so far, I do think that you can easily implement more than one schema mark-up following the same process with the help of RankMath.

Tracking the performance of schema mark-up implemented:

Log-in to your Google search console dashboard and click on ‘Performance’ and then on ‘Search Appearance’ as shown in te screenshot. All the data regarding the performance of pages with certain enhancements gets displayed here.

And in ‘search appearance’ report, you will get to develop a clear idea about the performance metrics of pages with certain search

appearance feature implemented on it. You will able to observe the track-record of the performance of your web-pages gerowing better and better with te passage of time.

Schema Template:

By saving your schema mark-up as template, you can edit & use it in future for other web-pages or for different cars within the same web-page with fewer repeated tasks.

Advanced editor for custom designing Schema:

Simply just click on ‘Advanced editor’ to custom-edit your schema mark-up. If you want to add more property or property group or to duplicate an existing group,

you can implement them easily through custom mode. More than that you can also save it as template for future use after custom-edit.

Here in this screen shot I have shown you the ways to custom-editing the image and brand section.

Now suppose you want to add more detail about your brand, you can easily do that by adding property or if you want to add more than one image url, you can also do that.

Here in this screenshot, I have shown you how to add more properties or group of properties to an object using the

advanced editor option.

For inserting one more image into this schema markup. one needs to duplicate the image property group.

I mean to indicate that if you require to use any property more than once, you can do that easily by duplicating the property box.

At first I have deleted the property and property group that was shown in the earlier screenshot for the purpose of your better understanding.

Then I have duplicated the image property group to add one more image to this schema mark-up.

Follow the instruction as shown in the screenshot to perfectly custom edit your schema mark-up. Remember the format of teh date while writing one.

You can also custom edit the rating section. Do not forget to add alternate name to the rating scores as shown in the screenshot.

More than that you can pro-edit the pros and cons of your cars also in the advanced editor.

Digging out the odds of Schema settings:

Set the default schema type of your website to product as it is suitable for websites selling in cars to become eligible for appearance in rich results.

Follow the instruction as shown in the screenshot for implementing schema type across all your web-pages with fewer repeated tasks.

If you are not an expert in wordpress, do not make changes in the other options in the schema settings-simply just leave them default. Always remember to click on ‘save changes’ after making every edit.

Now suppose that you do not want to add manually headlines for schema for all the posts or web-pages within your website by repeating the same task again and again.

In such cases you can guide RankMath to use the seo title of your posts as the heading of the schema that you are going to implement for your posts. So various variables supported by RankMath will allow you to refer to several spheres of your post, web-pages, website or other meta data.

Again if you do not want to re-work on adding description to all the schema that you want to use for all your web-pages or posts, you can instruct RankMath to including ‘excerpt’ of your posts as the description for your schema or also your meta description for the same purpose.

You can again pre-categorize, pre-set authors, and terms of your posts for default to avoid re-work. Making edits for global effects across your website from ‘Global Meta’ options, setting up default schema for your website or adding schema on posts and pages-all are possible thanks to RankMath.

Implementing FAQ accordion for better visibility in rich results:

Only implementing product schema will not work cent percent. Here, I will like to suggest you to use FAQ schema type also within your web-pages to eradicate all the confusion about the cars you are trying to sell through question-answer method. You can imp-lement FAQ through Schema generator or you can simply insert a FAQ block.

If you are trying to add it through schema generator, simply click on schema generator and choose the FAQ option.

To add a faq block within your web-page, simply follow the instruction as shown in the image. I have already inserted the faq block below to show you

how to use this block effectively to earn the trust of buyers. You can ask relevant question and answer them appropriately. By clicking on ‘Add New FAQ’, you can simply add more questions to answer of.

What is the condition of the car?

The car is in great shape and completely ready to use.

how many days will be taken for delivery?

It depends on the location of buyers. Normally we deliver cars within 24 hours.

From my own experience, I can tell you that FAQ really works and more than that it will make your web-page eligible for appearance in rich results. I will advise you at the end of your post.

You can change the order of the questions and delete or hide a question in the FAQ block. You can also add image desciption to your answer also.

More than that with RankMath pro, you can easily write stunningly brilliant answers to your questions with hitting the AI button also available in the FAQ accordition against each question.

Import Schema with RankMath:

Now suppose you are still not being able to custom-design your schema markup as you are a beginner or you are not being able to match the cool appearance of your competitors web-pages in rich snippets of Google or other search engines. What will you do now? Hiring an SEO expert or trying to figure out the necessary piece of structured data from the sauce code of your competitorsweb-page will require either a handsome burden of paying salariews or proper grasp in the field of coding.

Okk do not gape in wonder because Rankmath already has thought of you and has devised an option-and that is importing the piece of structured data helping your competitor to appear in rich snippets of search engines and letting you to implement the same for your web-pages(if you really like them) with ease. Remember that robust implemention of these does not guarantee your appearance in rich snippets because it depends on the impression of your web-pages in teh system of google or other search engines.

That is the cool appearance of Toyoya India home page displayed against it’s search term. This web-page also earned it’s place in knowledge panel.

We can easily implement the structurred data mark-up in our web-pages also.

Simply just copy the url of the web-page you want to import schema mark-up from. So we will at first copy the url of this web-page.

Then we will hit the ‘schema generator’ sweetly and click on import.

Now select ‘url/online page’ from the drop-down menu and paste the copied link as shown in the screenshot. Now finally hit on ‘import’.

These are the list of piece of structured data used for this web-page and from here at first I will try to make the ‘web-page’ schema implemented

within my web-page. You should make edits following the instruction as shown in the screenshot. Though the essence of the fact is very simple. Just edit the details to your brand.

You can save it for this post or as template. In case of saving teh schema as template, you should erase all the detail from the property boxes and write there ‘to be edited’

so that no property gets left out of that schema template. I am saving this as for this post to show you the process. Always remember to validate the piece of structured data with Google and have a look at the preview first before making it implemented wqithin your web-page, the process of which has already been discussed.

Following the instruction as shown in the screenshot, you can easily import and make this schema implemented within your web-pages.

following the same process you can easily make robust implementation of the other two schemas within your web-page. Schema mark-up has been made that easy by RankMath-pro.

This is the cool appearance of another brand in rich results. And the brand is Jeep. Now we will try to secure such kind of cool appearance

in rich results for our web-page. At first we will click on ‘Jeep-compass’ and will import the schema mark-up used in that page.

At first we will click on ‘Jeep-compass’ and will import the schema mark-up used in that page.

Then copying the url of that concerned web-page and pasting the same in the import section of the schema generator

provided by Rankmath, we will make handdsome edit in the details provided in the property boxes to amke the schema implemented within our web-page. Thus you can also import the vehicle schema to your web-page following the same process. And thus you can implement the schema structure of a million dollar brand to your web-page very easily with RankMath-pro. Remember while making the edits, if you do not underestand the reference of any of the schema type, simply just go to Schema.org and search for the same schema there to develop clear understanding about the schema type.

Now if we click on teh home page url of this brand, and copy and paste the url of that page to import the schema implemented on that particular page, it is found that there are two pieces of structured data are available-‘brand’ and ‘organization.

The ‘organization’ schema adds the commonalities to your web-page for making that eligible for appearance in knowledge panel.

Remember that appearance in knowledge panel is not determined by the implementation of organization or corporate schema-it completely depends on the search engines like Google. following the same process, you can also implement the schema type-‘brand’ within your website from a reputed brand like Jeep.

You can also have access to your saved schema templates from your whenever you want to edit, rename or trash the same.

It is really that easy-keep on using RankMath-pro and stay ahead in the game. For a comprehensive guide to customizing url patterns for your category pages, you may consider going through this link of my another post.

Rounding up the technical facts of structured data made easy with RankMath:

As you have read so far I do not have even a iota of doubt in my mind that now onwards you can easily make your web-pages for selling cars eligible for appearance in rich results with the help of RankMath and keep on attracting more and more buyers coping up with the innovation brought into light by Google. And you can do it even without the basic knowlede of coding. If you have any more isues, do write to me in the comment box.

Thank You,

Can I use More than One schema for a single web-page?

Yes, ofcourse. You can use more than one schema mark-up type for a single post or web-page with RankMath pro installed in your wordpress website.

Will Importing schema from a reputed brand get your site displayed with a knowledge panel?

No. To be honest, it is really tough to appear in knowledge panel. More than that Google keeps the sole right to itself to decide whether to consider a particular web-site eligible for knowledge panel. The impression of the brand on the system of a search engine determines place in knowledge panel. In a nutshell, your site has to be worthy for knowledge panel. However, implementing schema mark-up with specific commonalities will surely increase the chances for knowledge panel or other concerned rich snippets.

Do I need to repeat the same task again and again to implement same schema type for different posts/pages?

With RankMath pro installed, you won’t have to. You can set default schema for all the web-pages across your website. you can also instruct RankMath how to automatically select the heading, description and so on for different schema mark-ups that are going to be used for different web-pages from ‘Schema settings’. Or you may also create and implement a schema type for a particular web-page from the already saved schema templates.

How can I implement within my website the stunningly brilliant & attractive schema markups of a webiste of a million dollar reputed brand ?

Easily you can do this with RankMath pro installed. Copy the url of the concerned web-page. Click on ‘Schema generator’ as shown in the screenshot. Then hit ‘Import’ and paste the copied url in the provided place. All the schema mark-up implemented on that concerned page will get fetched. Pick your choice and edit the schema mark-up to yours to implement the same within your Web-page.


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