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Manual indexing in Google search console refers to the method of sending request to Google for indexing a concerned page in your website which has not been indexed yet. And the process is very simple.
Normally it happens that Google crawler comes to your site through Google search console and indexes your pages in Google search engines. Then through a process of ranking algorithms Google judges the most suitable answer after being requested by a user and cater the web pages in search results for satisfying the query of the user. But in few cases, pages do not get indexed by Google search Console and in such cases you have to manually index the concerned pages of your website into Google search engine through Google search console.

  • ***At first log-in to your Google search console account and click on ‘url inspection’.
  • ***Then paste the url of the concerned page in your website in the ‘inspect any url’ bar at the top & press ‘enter’.
  • ***Then click on ‘request indexing’ if your page is not being indexed yet. And for more details on manual indexing in ggogle search console, do visit this link in my website.

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