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Let’s dive deep into Quora:

In our academic life we have seen that besides writing good quality answers brimming with information, we had to follow few decorum or formats also for writing answers for securing good marks. Here, in Quora also, we have to  follow few decorum in specific formats for securing upvotes, views  & shares on your answers. In this blog post I am going to discuss about the proper formats and styles of writing on Quora.

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There are Quora users who write every day 10 to 15 answers. In their case, if one or two answers get the click, it will sound ok. But again there are people who have to mange to work out time from their quality time( for people engaged in study or in any other profession). May be these people manage to write one quality answer after the interval of 10 or 15 days.

So, for them to be precise & accurate in terms of the format of writing answers is really significant because they are not writing bulk of answers and do not have the luxury of “don’t mind” if three or four become a waste of time due to some silly mistakes. I think this blog post will be helpful in terms of posting answers on Quora for those serious professional ones who value their time.

Digging out the ways to write properly on Quora:

Let’s understand the format to be used to write answers on Quora. And this will make things easier for you.

how to write answers on Quora

It is the face of your answer which will is visible to the readers at the very first time. We have seen that the complete answer is not visible on Quora at the first time, the reader has to click on “read more” to view the complete answer. What the reader sees at the very first time is the few first lines from the introductory part of your answer. That tells the importance of the introduction.

how to write answers on Quora

So the starting part ( the first 100 or 200 characters) is very important because they go to the dashboard or recommendations section of the readers. The introductory part has to be

appealing, engaging & enticing which will attract the reader to read the full answer. So try to make your introduction unique presenting the essence of the question asked with proper juggling of words. You may start with relevant quotations from famous persons on that niche also.

You may also start by showing your expertise or authority on the concerned niche in this way: Suppose there is a question relating to digital marketing. You can start thus: “I am the tech head of an e-commerce site and handle the issues related to digital marketing of this brand. So I think that I can help you.”-Remember always tell the truth and never take recourse to bragging.

You may also cite reference to your personal experience of tackling real life situations related to the essence of the question.

how to write answers on Quora

Then try to answer through real life presentation through relevant images with descriptions. We all know that reading through images let us learn relaxingly

how to write answers on Quora

Thus I have shown the screenshots for better understanding of the readers. I have not shown here only five screenshots to show you the process of writing answers on Quora.

while through words sometimes may make us feel tiresome. Image is also important. As time is valuable for everyone, everyone prefers learning through reading at a glance and there comes the importance of images describing the whole process.

For your information I will like to add that there is no minimum or maximum word limit set by Quora for an answer not getting collapsed or to rank higher. So where text is necessary, include texts. You may also use screenshots to denote processes or you may even insert images from the news to present the actual incident. Images also make your answer creative.

Let’s conclude technical facts about writing answers on Quora:

As you have read so far, I think that how to write answers on Quora is no longer your worries. And it’s been really a matter of great pleasure for me to be able to share my ideas with you. If you have any more issues, do write to me in the comment box which will inspire me to write another dedicated post with a view to provide you with a solution.

Thank You.

Do you get paid to write answers in Quora?

proper ways to write answers on Quora

Quora is a kind of platform where audience can ask or get answers to their query from others. Quora is very much effective and can create wonders if included in link-building strategy. Generally Quora does not pay directly to answerers. But you can monetize your space on quora and Quora will pay a share of the revenue, earned from Adsense.

Why am I not allowed to write answers on Quora?

proper ways to write answers on Quora

It may be due to various reasons like the targeted question may have been locked by Quora for moderation or the question may have got merged with another. Remember that in cases of merged questions, one can only add answers to the main merged question.


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